Are You Thinking of Coming to Study in Barcelona? This is What You Need to Know

If you plan to come to Barcelona to live as a student: excellent decision! But beware, the cultural movement and the vibrant life of this Mediterranean city shouldn’t the only reasons that motivate you to spend the next few years as a student here: the Catalan capital has much more to fall in love with, keep reading and know some facts and curiosities so that you are absolutely sure that you have chosen the perfect city for you and for your professional instruction.

The City of Barcelona in Numbers

Choosing Barcelona to reside as a student is to experience a city with facilities and services accommodated for over 1,600,000 Barcelonians. Annually the city is visited by more than eight million tourists, five times more than its total population and they report the amazing amount of 3.5 million visits to the Sagrada Familia and the FC Barcelona Museum, year after year this tourist attractions dispute the title of the monument and the national museum with more registered visits in Spain.

Many Places to Walk

Barcelona has 4,027 streets, of which 450 begin with the letter C and only two with the Y. It’s important to know that the most popular geolocation system in the city is not north-south-east and west, but Montaña, Mar, Besòs, and Llobregat. Therefore, if you find yourself at the entrance of the Sarriá Residence and want to meet a friend in the Calle Mayor de Sarrià, you will have to go Mar towards Besòs.

You’ll get used to it!

The Busiest Street

At least for tourists. It couldn’t be other than the equally beloved and hated Rambla, whose plural denomination (Las Ramblas) responds to being a set of four sections (Rambla de Canaletas, Rambla de Los Estudiantes, Rambla de Capuchinos and Rambla de Santa Mónica) where every day more than 150,000 people walk, mostly tourists in search of, ironically, the most sold souvenir of the area: the Mexican-inspired hat. And if you want to walk the longest street in Spain, you have at your fingertips the Gran Vía de les Corts Catalanes with 13 kilometers and 689 gates, followed closely by Valencia street, with 544 porticos.

The Numbers of The Students in Barcelona

The University of Barcelona (UB) is the college that receives more students from Spain, with a total of 91,653 divided into five campuses (Humanities, Diagonal-Gate of Knowledge, Bellvitge, Mundet, and Medicine). It’s followed by the Autónoma in the sixth position with 42,741, the Polytechnic (UPC) with 29,041, Universitat Ramon Llull with 18,543, the Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) with 8,711 students, the International University of Catalonia (UIC) with 4,500 and finally the Universitat Abad Oliva with 1,626 enrolled people.

Of these, 9.346 students come from outside of Catalonia so you’ll have the chance to find many new friends in the diverse and complete all-inclusive student residences. You can also review the cost of living in the city as a student to make your stay a positively unforgettable adventure.