Barcelona Restaurants

Barcelona for the Foodie

Barcelona is one of those cities where you must visit with a hearty appetite. There is so much that the city has to offer, from rich multi course meals to light and refreshing tapas, there is something for everyone and you will not want to miss out. Reaching the corners of the majestic narrow streets, chances are, you will come across a local food place with amazing food to offer, whether they serve Catalan plates or foreign menus there is always a yummy dish waiting to be eaten by a hungry foodie. Make sure you are the one that gets to try them all. Here, we bring you a list of all kinds of ideal places in Barcelona for a foodie that we know you will enjoy.

La Boqueria

Food Markets

“La Boqueria” is the most famous food market in the entire city, located just beside Las Ramblas. Not only is it a main touristic attraction, but it certainly has a lot to offer for the foodies out there. You will find loads of different food stands that serve local tapas, sweets, exotic fruits, and different kinds of foreign sweet and savory pastries. Plus, most of the things here are quite cheap. As you stroll down this diverse market, you can pretty much have lunch just by purchasing a little something from each stand. Perfect for the foodies. La Boqueria is not the only food market there is for foodies out there. Barcelona has some really unique and charming markets that you could visit as often as possible where you honestly would not get tired of. Be sure to make the most of the city and try to see a few of these delightful markets.

Catalan Cuisine

Despite the fact that you are in Spain and Paella, as well as Tapas is a must, suprisingly, they are not local dishes of Barcelona. So, try to get a taste of the typical Catalan cuisine. Try out some cured meat such as fuet or the different kinds of variety of cured sausage. Fideua is also a main Catalan dish that is highly similar to the paella but instead of using rice, they use thin noodles and accompany it with their homemade alioli.

Food Tours

Going a food tour is probably the best way to discover great places to munch. Fortunately, Barcelona has loads to offer. On this tour, you will get the full-on food experience as you not only stroll down a beautiful city and do some sight-seeing, but, you will learn so much about the local dishes and savor the best that this city has to offer.


Barcelona is flooded with cafes. Nearly on every corner, you will find a cozy little cafe that will no doubt serve a good coffee. Of course, each cafe offers different kinds of pastries and brunches. They all have their own little quirk and charm and each one is known for something so, visiting a different cafe as often as possible is something you should try.

Which one would you visit first?