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Best Schools for Expats in Barcelona

Do you think to stay in Barcelona for some reasons? Then, finding an international school in the capital of Catalonia is a must for you. There are some great schools for expats in Barcelona, some of them are most popular and some of them are more significant. Whether you are looking for learning Catalan or want to continue with you regular study, you will find some noteworthy institutions for expats like you in Barcelona. So how do you know which event is the right one for you to attend? Well we have comprised a list of the best schools for expats in Barcelona, carefully take into consideration each of the various aspects to them and make an informed decision as to which schools would be the best for you to attend in Barcelona.

American School of Barcelona

One of the best schools for expats in Barcelona, American School of Barcelona provides the best tuition for the people from the American Continent. There are three well known curricula in the school- American, International Baccalaureate and Spanish. You can get the admission if your age is below 19. Anyone from your family can get admit into this famous schools if they are aged from 3 to 18. One of the oldest school in Barcelona, American School of Barcelona established in 1962 as an American International School.

Benjamin Franklin International School

Another renowned International school in Barcelona is Benjamin Franklin International School with the name of the great Benjamin Franklin. It is a co-educational institute which provide you the best education with the curriculum of American and International Baccalaureate. It is a well-known school for the expats from class Nursery to Grade 10. There are three diplomas in the school with full accreditation – the American High School Diploma, the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (DP), and the Spanish Bachillerato Certificate.

The British School of Barcelona

The British School of Barcelona is the ideal school if you are from any British ruled nation or from England, or Australia. It is the only school in Barcelona which follows British curriculum. There are some other schools that follow other curriculum with British Curriculum but The British School of Barcelona is ideally created for the people who want to learn in British Curriculum only.

Europa International School

If you want to learn with the International and Spanish Baccalaureate, then Europa International School is the best school for expat in Barcelona, having the permission to get the admission of your children at age 1. You can learn in Catalan and Spanish beside English. They are so confident that after finishing the education from here their students can speak French and German or Chinese.

Regardless of if you are a new in Barcelona, an expat or perhaps just want your children to get the admission, attending one of these schools is a life changing experience that you will most definitely not regret. So, go and visit the schools or dig the internet to know more about the best schools, take the final decision whom you choose to get the admission.