Barcelona Furniture

Moving To Barcelona? Tips On How To Buy Furniture In Barcelona

Cheap ways to furnish your apartment in Barcelona seems like a good topic for all those who come to live here. Even if you rent a furnished apartment you will still need to buy some stuff before you make it “yours”. And if you go for a non-furnished one, you will need to start from scratch. The good news is you made it through the sometimes hellish process of renting in Barcelona, so you are almost home! The point of home decorating is to create a space that you enjoy. Imagine so how much more would you enjoy a room if you saved big bucks in furnishing it? Below you’ll find a few tips on how to do it.

Look for any kind of things on Wallapop

This is your app whether you want to sell or buy something used. It was one of our best discoveries when it comes to buying stuff. The biggest perk, aside from the price, is that the search is based on your proximity. So you might as well find out that your neighbor is selling what you want to buy. I bought stuff from people living just around the corner, the transaction took 5 minutes and we all came back home happy.

Buy cheap furniture through Facebook

Barcelona is a city where people come and go. So, there are many possibilities to buy stuff from those who are going away. Facebook seems like an option here. You surely know these stores already, it’s almost impossible not to know them when living in Spain. Believe it or not, they contain 1001 things and if you think you need something that you have no idea where to find it, you probably will find it in the Basar and for next to nothing. Don’t be scared to furnish an apartment with Chinese products. They are so cheap that you can always replace any of them. Don’t be scared to furnish an apartment with Chinese products. They are so cheap that you can always replace any of them for a better one. A baking mold, a stool, small shelf, cutlery, plates, a little jug for oil, Tupperware, called here “tupper”, rugs, candles, Christmas decorations, air-pump for your mattress, anything you can think of, will be there. If you don’t need quality stuff it’s your store.

Furnish apartment in IKEA

But of course. There are 3 IKEA stores around Barcelona. One in Gran Via 2, the shopping center in l’Hospitalet. The second one in Badalona but we don’t recommend this one as it’s selection is rather poor in comparison to the other ones. And the third one in Sabadell, it’s the newest one but also the furthest from Barcelona. Buying the furniture you can afford instead of the furniture you want can mean your home turns into a hotchpotch of different and often clashing colors, materials and textures. Make things look purposefully thrown together by adding personal (cheap) touches: tea light candles, vases of flowers, posters from your favorite movies. The extra effort will make your house look more “furnished” than it actually is and it will feel a lot more homely. Believe me, it’s worth putting effort into the decoration of your apartment.