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The Best Private Schools to Attend in Catalonia

If you want to get admission in the schools in Catalonia, you can consider their private schools. There are some best and well-known private schools in Catalonia which can provide you some great education with different curriculum. If you want to get admitted into a school which provides multi-lingual education, you’ll definitely find here in Catalonia. Do you want to know the best private schools to attend in Catalonia for either yourself or your kids? Well, we’ve comprised a list of some of the best private schools in Catalonia, some of them are expensive, and some are famous for their curriculum.

American School of Barcelona

The American School of Barcelona (ASB) is one of the best private schools to attend in the new nation, Catalonia. It’s an international school having a co-educational system which serves students from 3–18 years old in the heart of Barcelona. The surprising fact is that it is one of the best non-profit institutions for the expats in Catalonia. It has begun in 1962. So, we can consider it as one of the oldest private schools in Barcelona. There are students from all around the world especially from Spain, the US, the UK, Germany, and France.

The British School of Barcelona

One of the best private schools to attend in Catalonia is BSB. The British School of Barcelona is the ideal school if you are from any British ruled nation or from England, or Australia. It is the only school in Catalonia which follows British curriculum. There are some other schools that follow another curriculum with British Curriculum but The British School of Barcelona is ideally created for the people who want to learn in British Curriculum only.

Santa Clara International School

Santa Clara International School is one of the best schools to attend in Catalonia offering a range of creative programmers for children that foster their passion for learning. It has started its journey to enlighten people in 1968 with a strong focus on individualized teaching and enhancing personal development. It has a primary school, high school, and summer camp, all emphasizing the English language as an important tool for communication.

The International School of Catalonia

ISCAT, the International School of Catalonia is another best private schools in Catalonia, offers education to children from 3 to 18 years old and follows the English National Curriculum.  It teaches emotional education to all students as a subject and endorses the Forest Schools approach at all levels.

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There are many people who send their sons and daughters to private school and there are much more who send their children to public schools. The important thing to note is that a lot of people in Catalonia don’t know about the advantages of top private schools over public schools. If you have been thinking of enrolling your child in one of the top private schools in the Catalonia, then it is a great decision but how do you find out if the school really offers what your child needs.