The Most Charming Spots to Study in Barcelona – Pt. 1

In times of finals, libraries are students’ best allies, as well as the study rooms of the university or even our own room. But from time to time, you want to go out into a different environment, and break with the usual routine of the usual study ritual, a place where you don’t miss concentration and the right tools to study are available.

But, where to find places like this in Barcelona? Get your books and your backpack and keep reading, here you’ll find a list of great places to study like a pro and end the semester on a really high note. Read on.

Laie Café-Bookshop

The idea of ​​going to a cafe to study may sound a bit odd, but the truth is that high levels of concentration aren’t always necessary, and, in some circumstances, silence may not be a good ally. The fact of being able to chat in a relaxed space with the study group, while enjoying a good coffee or a hot chocolate that stimulates the memory, can be all that it takes to break the routine. Take a nice walk to downtown and have a seat in this calm cafeteria, -which is also a bookstore- may be the perfect excuse for those days when the study marathon requires that you take a while for some rest and a little human contact and a walk through “civilization”.

Labyrinth of Horta

Parks and beaches are usually the places for those who have no reservations about studying in front of everyone, being out in nature, or even surrounded by people, are a pleasure and can even be truly inspiring. As the weather or tourists can ruin the plan to plant towels and books in the middle of the Barceloneta, and the Ciudadela or, even more so, the Parc Güell, are too crowded to find a spot with enough silence, the old Laberinto de Horta (that actually is the first public garden declared as a park) is presented as the perfect plan to surround ourselves with calm and the beauty of nature.

Breathe fresh air and take breaks to explore all the corners of this neoclassical labyrinth and also meet the statue of Eros. If in the light of such natural splendor we find nothing but distractions, next to the maze is the Mundet University campus and its quiet library.

Pavilion of the Republic

Nearby to the gardens of the Labyrinth of Horta (crossing the Dalt round via Sea) we find various sports facilities including unique buildings such as the Mistas, by Claes Oldenburg (a gigantic pop art style sculpture that represents some colorful matches), the elegant Torre Jussana with the faithful reproduction of the Pavilion of the Republic. An impressive artwork, that in a rationalist style that was exhibited at the Paris Exposition in 1937, after the start of the Civil War, and that it had as a milestone the place where Picasso’s Guernika was exhibited for the first time, whose copy is founded in this hall.

This building, in addition to being quite representative of the elegant construction with scarce resources according to the time, now houses a library belonging to the University of Barcelona, ​​as well as the center for international historical studies. A place to study while we soak up a historical environment and full of facilities for the student.