The Most Charming Spots to Study in Barcelona – Pt. 2

When your academic obligations considerably cut back your free time, it becomes a problem. The final tests season is coming and maybe you think there’s no choice but to lock yourself in the dorm room or spend hours and hours in the faculty library. You can’t be more wrong! Study time is no excuse for not enjoying the outdoors, get out of the house and enjoy the air of Barcelona. Prepare yourself to nail it on your exams and have a good time preparing for them.

Throughout the length and breadth of Barcelona, ​​you have at your disposal many places where you can change the study time into something more attractive. In this second part, you’ll find that studying in Barcelona can also be a great weekend plan!

Arús Library

Okay, going back to the world of libraries in Barcelona, ​​but not any library… Come and enjoy the feel of a jewel from the early 1900s that will take you to the Harry Potter universe and to all those movies in which we see baroque shelves of endless wood full of books to browse through an afternoon. As it’s close to the Ciudadela Park and the Arc de Triomf, a relaxing walk before or after the study session can finish a day “full of magic and mystery” as the walls of this library. As if that weren’t enough, at its entrance you’ll find a replica of the Statue of Liberty that reaches two meters height that guards its corridors since 1894 (the original piece in New York is from 1886).

Gardens Mercé Rododera

And after leaving libraries aside, let’s return to the gardens. These gardens are located in the higher area of the city, next to the viaduct of Vallcarca and ten minutes from the popular (and populous) Park Güell, this park is a hidden jewel as a modernist dollhouse and the reason for recommending it as a great place in Barcelona to study, is that despite being located in a pretty visible hill, it’s somewhat hidden, remaining as a secret only frequented by neighbors.

You can take one of the many benches in the shade of the trees to study quietly, without noise or discomfort and enjoying of breathtaking views, this can be a relaxing experience to assimilate easier any concept that appears in your notebook. On the other hand, it isn’t necessary to cross half a city to find a corner like this, you can also go to more convenient places such as the gardens of Can Sentmenat or the Castell de L’Oreneta park, a space with similar features.

Carmel Bunkers

The visit to the Carmel Bunkers is obligatory both for tourists and residents of Barcelona. Nothing better than going up there to see the city at your feet and discover a little more the history of the Catalonian capital during the Spanish Civil War.

It isn’t a big space but is enough to find a place, relax and get peace for study. It’s also a place to motivate and inspire you to meet your personal, professional and academic goals. Bus lines 24, 92, 119, V19 and V17 will take you to this unique place. Beware though that it’s a pretty popular spot for teenagers during the summer. Ask for the picnic service, put your books and notes in the backpack and send a WhatsApp to your classmates if you have to study in a group.

Barcelona awaits you!