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Top 5 Restaurants in Barcelona

Spanish cuisine is known as one of the most interesting and diverse in Europe. The Catalonian epicentre of this cuisine is the marvellous city of Barcelona. The history of this city is very rich, and the culture is the main attraction in this city, along with the architecture and of course the warm weather and clean beaches. We have selected 5 of the best restaurants in Barcelona in order to make your Catalonian experience even better.

ABAC is a two-star Michelin restaurant and it is considered to be one of the best in Spain. It is a very elegant and intimate restaurant, having a total capacity of 56 diners. The colours of the interior are very soothing, ranging from white to cream. It serves modern interpretations of the traditional recipes. In order to have a dinner here we strongly advise you to book a table a few weeks in advance.

Caelis Romain Fornell is a one-star Michelin restaurant situated inside the Ohla Hotel. Opened in 2004 by Chef Romain Fronell, the restaurants quickly gained popularity thanks to their modern interpretation of traditional food. The restaurant offers two tasting menus: Earth and Sea, and Celebration. The design of the restaurant is very modern, and it is organized in a horseshoe display. The restaurant attract gourmand that search for good food and good atmosphere.

Alkimia is one of the most modern restaurants in Barcelona. The name comes from an Arabic term and it can be translated as alchemy. And Chef Jordi Vila definitely knows how to transform the local ingredients into dishes that sometimes value their weight in gold. The minimalistic design brought the restaurants countless prizes and the wine cellar is one of the most diverse. The restaurant serves modern food and the combinations in the menu made Alkimia a favourite among Spanish elite.

Cinc Sentits is the perfect spot to try traditional Catalonian food. Displaying a very modern interior, this restaurant attracts tourists from all over the world. It is best known for the freshest ingredients. Fish is shipped directly from the local fish market, butter comes from the Pyrenees and veal and duck come from local farmers. This freshness guarantees you a true culinary experience. This restaurant really manages to touch all of your five senses.

Els Pescadors is the perfect spot to indulge you with seafood. The restaurant was founded in the 19th century in a district of fishermen. The name of the restaurant means fishermen in the Catalonian dialect. The location of this restaurant is not so fashionable, but we strongly advise you to make a reservation because this place attracts fish lovers from all over the world. The restaurant is renowned for the menu and critics consider this restaurant to have the best cod in the world.

Barcelona offers a range of dishes suitable for every taste. You will find a restaurant at almost every corner in the city. Tasting from traditional or not so traditional food is something you definitely want to do in this marvellous city.