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Top Affordable Restaurants in Barcelona

Barcelona is known for great nightlife where you can sample delicious food and creative cocktails! There are some awesome places to eat in Barcelona that are not too expensive, so you do not have to spend a fortune to get a wonderful meal. It is possible to enjoy great atmosphere, yummy drinks and delicious food without breaking the bank.

Enrique Tomas

One such restaurant is Enrique Tomas. The food is affordable and tasty, and you can opt for takeout or you can sit and have a meal. The cuisine consists of Spanish, European and also fast food and has the added bonus of being particularly friendly towards children, a must for parents looking to enjoy an affordable meal with the whole family. They are most well known for their ham and cheese options so be sure to try these!

Lokal Bar

Another great place for an affordable meal is Lokal Bar. This eatery offers Spanish, European and Mediterranean cuisine and offers such great tasting food as oxtail with foie, patata bravas and gazpacho. In addition, they have a great bar providing an assortment of drinks so relax whilst you select something from the varied menu. Enjoy unique foods at a great price!

Cheese and Cake

This is a restaurant that offers Mediterranean and European cuisine with food that is delicious and very well priced. The restaurant offers great meals including healthy options such as granola with yoghurt. All in all, this restaurant offers great value for money and has a nice friendly atmosphere. If simple bagels and cheese burgers done well are your thing this is the place for you.

Bar Santa Fe

Bar Santa Fe offers Brazilian and European dishes at great prices. This little restaurant offers a nice pleasant atmosphere and is the ideal place to grab a tasty meal and cold drink. There are plenty of different dishes to choose from and you will be happy to know that you get a lot of food for your money. You won’t leave hungry, that’s for sure!

Aqui Quedamos

Vegetarians and vegans often have a hard time finding places to eat when they are traveling to new areas, never mind if it’s affordable or not. This is not the case in Barcelona since they can always go to the Aqui Quedamos. The menu at this restaurant is Italian, but they do also offer meals for vegetarians and for vegans. They have a variety of pizzas that are delicious and come with an assortment of toppings. This is definitely the place to go to find a tasty menu, even if you are a vegan or a vegetarian.

The food options in Barcelona are almost endless! You can try all sorts of different cuisines and experience new Mediterranean foods you may not had before. While you may desire to try them all out, your budget might want otherwise. These options are sure to satisfy your taste buds while not putting you over your vacation budget. If you find any other great ones along the way be sure to let us know!