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Top Universities in Spain

There are many top universities found in Spain today. Some of these universities also attract many international students and even teach some classes in English. At these schools you can learn various topics and advance your education while enjoying the Spanish culture.

IE University

IE University is a university with campuses found throughout Spain. Campuses can be found in Madrid, Leόn, Castille, and Segovua. The IE University was established in 1997 as a private university. This university was founded in Madrid as a business school and offers a variety of business degrees and courses such as business administration and law. They do also now offer degrees in architecture, psychology and design. They have about 3000 students in total and are a very good business university to attend.

University of Granada

A high-ranking university in Spain is the University of Granada, in Granada. This university offers a range of university degrees in the sciences, health sciences, arts and humanities, social and legal sciences, and engineering and architecture. This is the fourth largest university in all of Spain with about 80,000 students.

Barcelona Universities

A great University located in Barcelona that is also highly regarded is Pompeu Fabra University. This university was established in 1990 and has over 17,000 students. This is rated as one of the top universities in Spain today. It was awarded the prestigious Certificate for Quality in Internationalization and is among the top 150 best universities in the world. Due to its small class size it is not the easiest school to get into, if you are able to though do not pass up on this amazing opportunity.

The Autonomous University of Barcelona is another top 150 university worldwide. This university has several colleges and schools including the life sciences, social sciences and human sciences. There are over 40,000 students at this university. They are well known for their great teachers and hardworking students.

Complutense University

Complutense University of Madrid offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees, masters and doctorate, in various subjects. They offer international degrees in law, business administration and management, political science and philosophy. They also offer several degrees in health sciences, engineering and architecture. There are also numerous double degrees that are offered. For instance, there are double degrees in computer engineering and mathematics, and teacher in early childhood education and teacher in primary education. These are just two examples of double degrees that are offered. There are a large number of options offered by this university.

University of Valencia

This is a very old university, established in 1499 as a public university. It is a large university that has more than 60,000 students and offers degrees in several subjects. It offers degree programs in the arts and humanities, social and legal sciences, architecture and engineering, health sciences, and sciences. They also offer dual degrees and international dual degree options. The university also has masters and doctorate programs for students.

These are some of the top universities found in Spain today. If you are looking to attend a school in Europe Spain is a great country to investigate. And one of these schools is surely going to provide you with the experience and education that you desire.