Traditional Barcelona Food

What people mostly look into when visiting a country, is its local food. And Spain is definitely a number one target for all the foodies out there. Barcelona, though, is an absolute gold mine of top quality cuisine. Having so many various dishes, how is it possible to choose the best kinds in such a diverse city? Here we bring you the best local dishes in Barcelona.


You no doubt have heard about Paella, the most popular and iconic dish in Spain. It is originally from Valencia, where instead of using seafood, they used beans and meat. Either one is delicious actually. Now, because it is such a difficult dish to make and takes ages to cook, most restaurants do not serve it one hundred percent fresh. There is, however, a restaurant you could check out that apparently serves the best Paella in the city.


Also originating from Valencia, Fiduea is eaten all over Catalunya and has become one of the most iconic dishes, following Paella. It is extremely similar to paella, but, instead of using rice, they use thin noodles. A great compliment to add to this mouth-watering dish is a typical Catalan sauce called ali-oli. It is almost like mayonnaise but, with a garlic kick to it.


Bombas are these grapefruit-sized potato croquettes, usually stuffed with meat. Not only is it delicious, but this local dish has a fascinating story behind it. During the Spanish Civil War, things were extremely tough. And anarchists as well as revolutionaries created handmade grenades to hurl during their fight against General Franco’s Facists. And because of this, a local chef was inspired to create the dish all Catalonians love today, known as “The Bomba.”


Another classic Catalan dish, Canelons is something you cannot miss if you visit Barcelona. The usual Canelon is stuffed with stewed meat and coated in a béchamel sauce. Tradition is that, they stuff it with the leftover meat of Christmas. That is why they tend to be served the day after, December 26th.


This is a common Catalan dish that is normally eaten during December-March. It is basically long stemmed green onions, barbecued on an open fire. As simple as it sounds, it is something everyone needs to try if you visit. It is better if you go out to the country side to taste but, during this season, most local restaurants should be serving this dish.


Tapas are not really a specific kind of dish. They are mainly Spanish appetizers that you basically order several at once, and eat a little from each and share with others at the table. Typical tapas include “chocos de sepia” (fried cuttlefish), “pulpo al ajillo” (octopus with garlic), and patatas bravas (the most common tapa of all) which are fried chunks of potatoes served with their famous brava sauce.


Simple and could probably be considered a tapa, as it is usually served in a small portion. But this place consists of roasted red bell pepper, eggplants and anchovies and you basically eat it on a roasted piece of bread with some traditional olive oil.