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Where to Study Art in Barcelona

Barcelona offers some great opportunities for studying art. There are various options, some of which are well known around the world and some even offer financial aid opportunities. Some of the classes at these institutions and schools, such as the Barcelona Academy of Art, are also taught in English so that international students can attend and learn about art with ease.

University of Barcelona

The University of Barcelona is one place where you can study for a degree in the arts. Unfortunately, the classes are not taught in English, but this university is in fact considered one of the best universities in the world to choose to study at if the language is not a problem for you. Aside from the bachelor’s option, the faculty of fine arts at this university also offers various master’s degrees in such areas as visual arts, artistic production and research and conservation and restoration. The university even offers an art creation for video games bachelor’s degree.

Barcelona Academy of Art

The Barcelona Academy of Art is another great place to study art. They offer a range of classes in digital art as well as in traditional art such as painting, drawing and sculpture. Aside from regular classes they also offer several seminars and workshops at various times during the year. Over half the students who attend are international and classes are taught in English to accommodate these students. It is really considered to be a terrific international school for learning art techniques. The combination of traditional and digital methods is also very useful and appealing to a range of students. They do also offer various types of financial aid in the form of grants and scholarships.

Escola d’Arts i Oficis de Barcelona

This is a school of art and design, that is in Barcelona. It is also referred to as the Llotja School and offers courses in plastic arts and design. They also offer several workshops during the summer months. The school offers courses in ceramics, sculpture and painting as well as courses such as artistic jewelry, engraving and printing techniques. The Escola d’Arts i Oficis de Barcelona is an excellent design and art school that teaches a variety of useful skills.

Metàfora’s Studio Arts Program

This program offers various art classes in English, so they can easily be taken by international students as well as local students. They offer courses during the year and then they offer more intensive courses during the summer in which you can learn various techniques and interact with experts. Students work in studios and outdoors where they gain assistance from special art tutors. During the summer course students learn about art history, various tools and techniques and life drawing. They also are offered the chance to learn Spanish during the duration of the intensive summer course. The Metàfora’s Studio Arts Program does have some limited financial aid available for those students who qualify. The summer courses largely cover the same material as held during the regular semesters but is over a far shorter period of time.